By: wo | August 18, 2018

my summer 2018 also fading.

but hot games still attracting me, and my pals.

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By: benzrad | May 26, 2017

my mom arranging summer term vacation travel, which I also itching for. but dad at a loss. He post an article for unease. however I'm glad last year I grown taller, which my small parents looking forward to very much. in retrospection I felt heartedly delighted by tourism and sceneries.

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Regalbum of China
woz 12 years old birthday. his proud dad, benzrad, fetched cake ordered online and fetched him from his elemental school. its too ordinary day, still its first sunny day in the week mostly cloudy and chill. here woz settles candles.

By: wo | May 04, 2017

my forever love in my parents' heaven.

in my uncle's first visit from his abrupt adventure soon after his graduate in southern China, he brought us a video camera. his fancy on new gadget promotes our family lives to new level: soon mom equipped herself a new notebook aid by her school; dad spent his rare bonus from job on a new FUJIFilm camera, 2 notebooks includes an elegant one for light video games. since them dad determined to seek life he deserves: digital and brand new online.

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